The “M STAR” Flag

4 M’s (that are also W’s), connected to create a star that represents our city’s bright future and also to represent the unity we’ll need if we are going to make Milwaukee greater than it already is. When you look at the “M Star” from any direction you will
see a M at the top most point and a W at the bottom most point representing Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The shape references one that Native Americans often use through their rich history of story telling via imagery and garb. I felt it was very important that we pay respect to our past, embrace our present and look toward a brighter future. This flag is a symbol that we can all recognize, project and rally around. Think of Chicago or Washington.
Both iconic symbols that have become more than just a flag.

The color of the “M Star” is significant being that it’s Cream representing the “Cream City” brick that was one of the most used building materials in the 19th Century in Milwaukee. So it represents the foundation for which this city was built. The blue background represents Lake Michigan which the “M Star” sits upon.